The Foundational Technologies Institute (FTI) Approved Education Providers (AEP)

Any course you have taken from an FTI Approved Education Provider (AEP) will supply the necessary information for you to successfully pass the exam for your chosen field.

To become a FTI AEP an organization must meet or exceed a series of rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness as defined by FTI.

Only Organizations who’s training and curriculum have been approved in one or more areas are eligible to become an Approved Education Provider.


UCW is an innovative business and technology-oriented, teaching-focused institution in Canada, offering applied undergraduate and graduate degrees for domestic and international students. The university is a dynamic and growing institution defined by its close connections to the business community and a commitment to outstanding student services.


Educate and Empower

In 2020, Chris Greyling and Jacques Wong joined forces to start LearnDay amidst a global pandemic, which will change the way we learn forever. 

The mission is simple yet powerful, 
(1.) Build an online education platform for certified and regulated industries that promotes learning lifelong skills in an ever-changing workplace. 

(2.) Provide a platform to encourage and deliver learning for life. 

Therefore, our goal is to educate and empower people, wherever they may live, certify their qualifications through recognized institutions and regulated bodies across the world.


To lift the intellectual, social, and economic vitality of our local, national, and global communities through an institution-wide commitment to a world-class student experience, interdisciplinary collaboration, and mutual respect and inclusion in all aspects of our academic, research, and civic priorities.


Within a vibrant and supportive learning environment, the University of Alberta discovers, disseminates and applies new knowledge through teaching and learning, research and creative activity, community involvement and partnerships. The U of A gives a national and international voice to innovation in our province, taking a lead role in placing Canada at the global forefront.


To inspire the human spirit through outstanding achievements in learning, discovery and citizenship in a creative community, building one of the world's great universities for the public good.


1. Provide Education & Training

MMBA’s mission is to raise awareness and provide education and training about blockchain’s impact to Accountants, CPAs and University students. We do this through interactive and innovative courses and the accounting industry’s first accredited blockchain certification. All our courses and certifications were created in partnership with and are backed by global leaders such as ABC (the Accounting Blockchain Coalition), Wiley and FTI (Foundational Technologies Institute).

 2. Partner with Schools

Universities need to work relentlessly to close the current knowledge gap so that students graduate with at least a general understanding of blockchain technology. This is critical in the field of accounting because at its core, blockchain is just an accounting system. Our courses and certification programs help bridge that gap.

 3. Partner with CPA Firms

As a result of the unprecedented increase of blockchain and digital asset companies, there is a tremendous requirement for Accountants and CPAs to understand how blockchain technology works and how to account for blockchain-based transactions. Our courses and certification programs will not only train your employees, but will also show your clients and partners your depth of knowledge in this area.


Changing the world – one blockchain at a time.


Our mission is to develop and lead international activities to support TRU’s economic sustainability and provide TRU students, faculty, and staff with opportunities for global engagement – including opportunities for global learning, research, teaching, and professional development. 


We see the future of education where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by embracing capstone project courses along with micro-credentialing. 

blockEDU strives to maintain the accreditation of HIGHER education while providing affordable HIRE education that assists individuals in getting employed, staying employed, or advancing in employment opportunities. 

We strive to be the World leader in Micro-credentialing education courseware development

Building Blocks of Education for You