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Sustainable Energy Technologies Professional (SETP)™
Gordon Madsen CME President Trigen Solutions Inc.

Hi All, Just wanted to reach out and mention that I have taken the FTI (Foundational Technologies Institute) exam for the 'Sustainable Energy Technologies Professional' (SETP) accreditation (and passed).

The exam itself is not so bad at all. I found that the slide presentations from each of our course modules were of significant help and covered lots of which was on the exam.

The other helpful tool is that FTI have practice quizzes that you can take before taking the actual final exam. I did a number of these until I felt I was comfortable to take the final; which ended up being no problem at all.

Even if you haven't taken the full slate of U of A courses, (which I would encourage) you may give consideration to challenging the FTI exam.Why take the exam “Environment, Social and Corporate Governance” to get your Professional designation?

Sustainable Energy Technologies Professional (SETP)™
Josh Skiftun - Director Sol West Power Corporation

I have a long career in building sustainable projects as well as being a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Professional (NABCEP) and based on my understanding and experience I challenged the exam.

The exam had a great range of required knowledge in many subjects.

I would recommend that if you have experience in this area to take this exam.

Great exam and great course, thank you!

Corporate Social Responsibility Professional (CSRP)™
Elizabeth Papierz

I recommend this exam.

I really liked taking the practice exam. I took it twice before doing the final exam and it made me much more confident going into the final exam.

Global Blockchain Professional (GBP)™
John Lewis Senior Associate | Information Technology at Norris Design

I highly recommend this exam.

The GBP exam with FTI was really a great experience. It covers everything that a Blockchain Professional should know. Studying for this exam was very helpful for my career and I've already applied some concepts in my ongoing work.

Blockchain Project Management Professional (BPMP)™

Along with #pmp and my passion of #blockchain and #projectmanagement , I'm happy to share that I'm now a Certified Blockchain Project Management professional.

The exam had a great range of required knowledge.

I recommend it.

Certified Blockchain Accounting Professional (CBAP)™
Adilio Castelo Branco

I recommend this exam.

Sustainable Waste Management Professional (SWMP)™
Benjamin Ochen

I recommend this exam.

The exam covered all of the topics that are related to Sustainable Waste Management

Corporate Social Responsibility Professional (CSRP)™
James Bacon

I recommend this exam.

Great exam and great course, thank you!

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Our international team of advisors ensures we stay at the forefront of technology, innovation and skill development to offer the most cutting edge & comprehensive designation exam, one that is recognized by Industry.

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