• When I look at an exam it shows 10 lessons - What are they?

    These are not really lessons in the sense that you have to complete them by doing assignments etc. But rather they are components (information) that make up the exam. They are there to assist and guide you in regard to taking the exam.

  • On the exams - does it contain multiple choice questions or essay or mixture of the two?

    All exams are multiple choices, you must select the "MOST CORRECT" answer from those provided.

  • How many exams do I have to take?

    A subject area will have two exams. 1. The first exam is a practice exam, which simulates the real exam and has questions that could be part of the final Exam. You can take this as often as you like until you are comfortable with exam taking. 2. The second exam is the Final exam and it is the one where you will be graded. You need to get 70% in order to pass. You can take it several times and your best mark will be applied. You must take this one.

  • How long does it take to do the exam?

    One minute per question has been allocated. So, for example if your Final Exam has 60 questions then it should take you no more than 60 minutes to complete.

  • Do I have to go to a testing location to take the exam?

    You can take the exam anywhere at anytime. This saves you both time and money. Note: You just need access to the internet and a device.

  • The cost of my FTI exam was included - how do I sign up for it and not have to pay?

    You would select your exam and go to the pay for it area and in that area you would enter a coupon code. Complete the process and the exam will available on your dashboard. Note: This coupon code is provided by your Education Provider.

  • Can I take an exam without having completed the course or program from an Approved Education Provider?

    The short answer is YES. If you feel that you have the knowledge and understanding of that area. We do however recommend that you take the course or program from one of our Approved Education Providers. Use tab at top to find an Approved Education Provider.

  • Are the exams open book?

    There is no restrictions on what you as the exam taker have to assist you in passing the exam. Note: We however do hope that you take the exam and not someone else taking the exam on your behalf.

  • What currency is the price in?

    Are pricing for all exams is in US dollars.