Employment Ready Institute (ERI)

A branch of FTI

The Employment Ready Institute is an exam administrator of micro-credentialing courses (offered by Approved Education Providers) so graduates can validate their Knowledge and Employment Readiness by obtaining an Employment Ready Certification.
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Credentialing for HIRE Education

Employment Ready Institute (ERI) --- Promotes Credentialing for Education that is focused on assisting individuals to be employed and stay employed === ========================================== Our mission is to provide the exams that credential subject areas that verify that individuals have the knowledge and skills that make them Employment Ready for Organizations Globally and which prove their knowledge and understanding of the subject area(s). Further we work with Education Providers to ensure that courses that are being offered align with the needs of Industry worldwide

About ERI

  • Established in 2021 as a branch of the Foundational Technologies Institute (FTI) the Employment Ready Institute (ERI) provides the proof of achievement as related to skills that Industry/ Businesses (worldwide) require as a foundation for employment.

  • The Employment Ready Institute (ERI) believes that everyone should be able to prove their knowledge, understanding and skill in any area with ease, irrespective of whom they are, where they live, or how they gained the knowledge

  • ERI research has concluded that the education needs of individuals and organizations is moving away from Higher Education to Employment Ready Education (Hire Education).

  • ERI is the only Institute in the world that focuses on credentialing for Employment Ready Education provided by Education Providers globally.

  • Our professional resources and research deliver value to Individuals working in nearly every country in the world to enhance their careers and improve organizational success.

  • Our worldwide advocacy for all HIRE Education is reinforced by our globally recognized standards, credentialing program, extensive academic, market research programs, and working relationship with industry / business associations.

  • ERI offers Credentialing certification which is growing worldwide. Salaries and career opportunities for certification holders show that employers recognize the value delivered by trained practitioners.

  • ERI brings the opportunity for Individuals to prove that they have both the Hard and Soft Skills that Industry requires for Employment.

  • In this rapidly changing world, where new technologies and businesses requirements are constantly evolving, industry needs individuals to enter the workplace with skills in place. Further Individuals must keep pace with the evolving changes just to stay employed.

  • By passing a subject specific exam the student will be allocated a credentialing certificate that is accepted as the standard for job readiness by Industry.

  • ERI works on behalf of both employment seekers and Industry to advance the understanding and acceptance of both hard and soft skills that are the accepted foundation for employment.

ERI - Employment Ready Institute

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University Canada West is a contemporary independent university located in the heart of vibrant Vancouver. Established in 2004, UCW offers a range of career-focused programs. Courses are offered at our downtown Vancouver campus and online too. Offering courses online brings flexibility to education, allowing those who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to gain respected qualifications.

Our mission is simple yet powerful, “Build an Online Education Platform for Certified and Regulated Industries” that promotes lifelong skills learning in an ever-changing workplace. We’re changing the model from Higher Education 

to Hire Education, to make people job ready, to re-skill or to up-skill, quicker and continuously, based on the needs of employers world-wide. Our goal is to educate and empower people, wherever they may live, certify their qualifications through recognized institutions and regulated bodies across the world.

ERI - Associations and Businesses

ERI works with associations and business to provide the standards for Employment Ready Education

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The Insurance Institute is the premier source of professional education and career development for the country’s property and casualty insurance industry. Established in 1899, the Institute is a not-for-profit organization serving more than 40,000 members across Canada through 19 volunteer-driven provincial institutes and chapters. Over 20,000 of those members are students and more than 18,000 are graduates who have earned the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation or Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) designation. We are a founding member of the Institute for Global Insurance Education (IGIE).


The Institute sets professional standards for the industry through education programs that lead to a range of designations and certificates, including the internationally recognized Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP). Recently, the Conference Board of Canada reported that over 70 per cent of employers in the p&c industry look for the CIP designation during recruiting. Graduates of these programs continue to enhance their expertise, experience and professional relationships by participating in the Institute-sponsored CIP Society.

On behalf of the industry, the Institute also conducts demographic research and produces reports and publications. We strive to keep our members up to date on insurance industry news and Institute happenings in our social media channels, various newsletters, including The Pace, email updates and local news from our individual Institutes and Chapters from around Canada.